Complaints Process at Cebu Air

Most airlines have a method with which they deal with passenger or customer complaints. Some operate a dedicated phone service along with an online enquiry form. Others may just have an email contact. These services may allow you to register a concern or make a claim for lost luggage.

Some airlines have strict standards that they must comply with depending on local laws and their own timetables.

Have you needed to make a complaint to Cebu Pacific?

Has your complaint to Cebu been resolved to your satisfaction?

How long did it take Cebu to return your call or email?

Any other issues or problems with Cebu Pacific Air complaints process?

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  1. I am starting to have second thoughts about my first nice people inpression of the philippines because of the great. And cheap cebu pacific airlines. One of the worst check in experiences i ve ever had in my extensive travels. The staff in manila treated us n other passengers as cheats n theaves carrying extra baggage. The way they talk n their body language is so brash. While we ve been carrying one had bag in addition to a laptop bag (mine was less than three kgs) I was forced to pay for and check in my another bag small under their new rule that passengers can only care one bag including a laptop (that rule was only for us I think). They act like mafia and threated us that we can not fly if we dont pay in next 5 mins. I ve never had a more awful expwrience in dealing with human beings. It is almost inhuman and so uncivilised. All under the pretext of cheap flying. I am embarassed, disgusted and ashamed that I have to deal with such people and the fact that such evil companies can still grow and be sucessful i cant fathom how anyone in the service industry behave like this and get away with such behaviour. I think the least we can do is stand up for our rights and speak up at least. We guys deserve better than this. Just because they r cheap themselves they treat their clients as cheap people. I am sorry to say this and I am sorry that such companies exist in our times. problem. The damage is done. I just want to caution others and be heard.