Lost or Delayed Baggage Luggage on Cebu Pacific

Every airline in the world has lost or delayed a piece of passenger luggage. All passengers should understand that there is a small chance that their baggage will be mislaid, lost or stolen.

However, it is how airlines such as Cebu Pacific deals with the lost, misplaced, delayed or stolen luggage that is the biggest issue. The one thing most passengers want is to be reunited with their possessions as quickly as possible. Particularly when they have arrived at their first destination.

However, if they cant get their baggage quickly, passengers expect that an airline will do all they can to retrieve the item, and keep the passenger informed of the search. And it stands to reason that people will want some form of compensation for the loss or delay, if only a small amount to purchase essential items.

Have you had lost, delayed or stolen baggage when flying Cebu Air?

How were you treated by Cebu Air - were you compensated and kept informed?

How quickly was the situation rectified by Cebu Pacific?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Cebu Air Plane Lost and Delayed Baggage?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. to whom it may concern.kung sino po ang nakapulot o nakakuha ng brown envelope na may laman na form 138 goodmoral and birthcertificate pakibalik na lng po sa may ari ang name po niya ay Renzo L. Go at in case po kung may nakakita please text or tawagan nio po ang number na ito 09287839089; kung sino po ang nakakuha nun pakibalik lang po o tawagan nio po ang number na binigay ko :MARAMING SALAMAT PO

  2. Lost cell phone taken from checked-in bag. Cebu said it could have happened anytime, not their fault.

  3. Left a mobile in seat back pocket, reported it within 20 mins while I was still in the terminal at Singapore. I kept asking for updates and after twelve (12???) months they email to say the phone was in Manila and could be picked up within 7 days or else I would lose it forever.

    One could almost think the airline staff delayed giving updates hoping I would just forget about it. Offering it for pickup in Manila when I lost it in Singapore also seemed too convenient for the staff ...

  4. Laptop in back seat pocket, reported within 30 mins and told to follow process online or "send twitter message to Cebu twitter account". WTF? Nobody can check anything on the same day at the terminal they mostly run, but passenger will start twitter 'war' to get attention?

    Updates in 1st 3 days: none. No checks done and staff did not even attempt to collect details on color, size etc for the laptop.

    Weeks later: No response to emails.

    Starting to conclude this airline colludes in keeping all lost items, sharing the 'prize' among their staff as a 'bonus'. Also: I mentioned about this while checking in and the staff members are saying "don't checkin or leave anything valuable" at Manila terminal as it's not secure. Thanks for the warning ...