Flight Change Issues or Problems on Cebu Pacific

Most airlines, have terms and conditions that apply to changing your flight. This can range from not being able to change your flight because of the nature of the booking, to changing the booking but being charged a service fee and making up the difference in the cost of the fare.

Fees may be different if you change your fare online to making contact with the call centre.

How have you found changing fares with Cebu Air?

Is it a simple process?

Are the Cebu Pacific fees and charges too much?

Any other issues?

Post your review and comments below.


  1. The Cebu Pacific online booking is not passenger/customer friendly. It is time consuming considering that people go online to save on time. There are so many information that a customer has to fill up and select aside from the flight, passenger and payment details. Most of the extra information are added expenses to the passenger if not properly attended to.

    The Extra Baggage Option is defaulted to Standard that will charge the passenger an extra P500 for domestic roundtrip flight. Why can't this be defaulted to a "NO BAGGAGE TO CHECK IN" since the passenger can easily be charged on the day of the flight if he did not select his option properly and has baggages to check in? And why is this not refundable even if a reversal request is made months before the flight? Or at least replaced with a non-cash equivalent? What extra cost does Cebu Pacific incur for this that they don’t grant a refund?

    The pre-assigned seats will also charge the customer if he is not able to clear / unselect the seat no. What if one is booking for 20 passengers? He has to clear / unselect 20 seat nos. before he can finish his transaction. Why can't Cebu Pacific just ask first the passenger if he wants pre-assgined seats so he does not have to unselect each seat if he doesn't want this option?

    Is this all a strategy to take advantage of poor passengers who think that they are getting low fares from Cebu Pacific but are actually paying more for services that they don't intend to have? Is this how the low fares are being recovered by Cebu Pacific?

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  3. Booked a 4 segment flight on Cebu, 2 there and 2 back. All 4 flights were delayed in some cases up to 2 hours, even the international flight. Will never use CEBU again

  4. I failed to get a return ticket so CEBU made me book one at the ticket counter which is ok that is a rule. What was very annoying though is that they charged me 2.4 times the normal fare. Goodbye Cebu, hello PAL