Fees and Charges on Cebu Pacific Flights

Many budget airlines have extra fees and charges which apply when booking your flight, picking a seat and for checking in baggage. These are fees that may or may not exist with major non discount airlines.

These charges are in addition to the taxes and charges that some airlines applies to your final ticket price.

You will need to keep an eye on the charges when booking your flight. The amount of these charges can vary, and new fees or charges may be applied in future.

Do you think that any fees and charges applied to your Cebu Pacific flight are acceptable or excessive?

Were you fully informed of the charges when you booked your flight?

Any other issues, complaints or problems with Cebu Pacific Fees and Charges?

Post your review and comments below.

1 comment:

  1. There are so many information that a customer has to fill up and confirm in the online booking of Cebu Pacific aside from the flight, passenger and payment details. Most of the extra information will charge the passenger if not properly attended to. Like the Extra baggage option which is defaulted to Standard that will charge the passenger an extra P500 for domestic roundtrip flight. Why can't this be defaulted to a "NO BAGGAGE TO CHECK IN" since the passenger can easily be charged on the day of the flight if he did not select his option properly and has extra baggages to check in? And why can't this be refundable even if a reversal request is made by the customer months before the flight? What extra cost did Cebu Pacific incur out of this? The pre-assigned seats will also charge the customer if he is not able to clear / unselect the seat no. What if one is booking for 20 passengers? He has to clear / unselect 20 seat nos. before he can finish his transaction. What if for 50 passengers? Why can't Cebu Pacific ask first the passenger if he wants pre-assgined seats so he does not have to unselect each seat if he doesn't want this option?
    Is this a strategy to take advantage of poor passengers who think that they are getting low fares from Cebu Pacific but in reality are paying more because of the exra services that they really don't intend to have?